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 Icons Sports Auction

Icons Sports Auction

Icons is the world's leading football memorabilia brand and the most trusted operation in the game. Authenticity is everything to us, as it is everything to our customers. As such we wanted to layout our credentials to you if you're looking to comparison shop with another seller of signed merchandise, ask yourselves these specific questions. If their answers reassure you then fair enough, we think the case for choosing Icons is compelling.

What is their company's history?

Icons have been in business since 1999. As such we are one of the oldest memorabilia operators in the country, if not the world. We bought our domain name ( way back in the 90's and Google rankings for any site are based on its longevity, its quality, the number of links from globally recognised sites and the accuracy of its content. Type in any kind of signed shirt product into Google and we will come out at, or very near the top of any search. This takes 14 years of hard work to achieve and cannot be done overnight. In this market companies spring up overnight and disappear just as quickly. Longevity, history and reputation in this business mean everything.

Icons were awarded the world's first ever signed football memorabilia licence by FIFA in 2010 so we could produce a range of signed iconic World Cup products. In July 2012 Icons was awarded the first ever official licence for the UEFA Champions League. Ask yourself, if the governing bodies of world football deal with Icons, why would you buy signed items from anywhere else?

Edward, our Chairman, was Managing Director of Tottenham Hotspur and then Merchandising Director of Manchester United. Dan, our MD, has an economics degree from Cambridge and has worked on the strategy of the biggest media brands in the UK such as The Guardian, Capital Radio, Channel 4 and

Icons is an international brand and we supply to well over 90 countries each year. We have representatives in North America and regularly supply customers in Japan, Australia and the Middle East. We have a Spanish language website for our Spanish fans and with the popularity of the game across the world Icons are happy to bring products signed by the world's best players to fans all over the planet. Our partnership with Sportnex is just starting but we are proud to work with the best in the business, in every market that loves the beautiful game.

All Icons items come with a Certificate of Authenticity, which includes the details of the signing session and a photo of the player signing the product line at the signing session, where available. Details of our company are registered with Companies House and our company number is 06791294, this is always displayed on the COAs. We are easily traceable and subject to UK law. Our MD personally signs every COA, we don't reproduce any signatures, ever, even for this small task. We set the standards in the market, everyone else copies us.

All Icons products come from closed signing sessions with players where the footballer is paid a fee for their service. We never, ever accost players outside the training grounds and we never, ever buy products from companies who do this.

Icons products can be expensive, we know that. The reason is because we pay the players properly, we buy the current official replica kits and quality boots, we pay picture agencies for the rights to the photos, we invest in branding, we create fantastic packaging and everything we do from official licences to holograms is done to reassure the buyer that our items are 100% genuine. There are other cheaper outlets out there on the internet but can you be certain that what you're buying is real? If it's much cheaper you have every right to be suspicious.